Modul Regie 1

Modul:221157 Regie 1 (Wahlpflichtmodul im Hauptstudium)
Modulverantwortlicher:Prof. Hannes Stöhr
ECTS-min./max.: 6 / 6
Workload: DEUTSCH:
15 Vorlesungen zu je 4 SWS = 45 Stunden
Vor- bzw. Nachbereitung: 15 x 2 Arbeitsstunden = 30 Stunden
Prüfungsleistung erbringen: 105 Stunden
Gesamter Zeitaufwand: 180 Stunden

Presence time:
15 lectures of 4 SWS each = 45 hours
Preparation and follow-up: 15 x 2 working hours = 30 hours
Performing an examination: 105 hours
Total time required: 180 hours
Modulprüfung: HA

The class is structured as both theoretical and practical, offering the students a basic view on the director's mission, whether for the screen or for the stage. The students will go through a series of practical games/exercises, designed to help them discover the tools of the director's craft. They will start with the basic tools of building a scene:characters, location, objective and go on to developing their own creative personality as directors.The class comprehends film and text analysis, character development, story-telling, scene development, how to market oneself as a director, finding one's creative mission and is willing to address any themes that rise during the sessions.

The module covers a broad range of issues linked to the fundamental aspects of dramatisation both in performance art, script development, documentary art and media reporting, as well as storytelling as applied to digital communication. Learning outcomes: The hands-on section of the course enables the students to create and develop their own projects. This also leaves room for experimentation and putting their ideas and acquired skills into practice.

Students will: - learn about the director´s craft including pitching techniques, write and develop their own projects. AND: - reflect on contemporary fiction and documentary films. - discover the tools of screenwriting. - gain an understanding of the actor´s craft. - become familiar with the fundamental aspects of the mise en scène - travel through film history. - learn to co-operate and to communicate in an international student team. The course is part of the INTERNATIONAL STORYTELLING MINOR

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221157a Regie 1 - 4 6
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